Personal Email Plan

Just want to create an email that’s a little more personal
10 Email Addresses
5GB Storage Space
10GB Bandwidth
Catch All
Control Panel & Spam Controller
£1.99/per month
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Business Email Plan

Business email address and an inbox that lets you do more than just check messages
100 Email Addresses
20GB Storage Space
75GB Bandwidth
Catch All
Control Panel & Spam Controller
£3.99/per month
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Professional, stress-free email hosting from NextHosts

We'll manage keeping your email up and running so that you can focus on growing your business.

Our Web Hosting Features

NextHost Email hosting pakages are easy to use, even all great feautures included.

High Performance

We use high perfomnce server to host you emails and hosting packages.

Enhanced Security

We take security seriously, we took all measures to secure your emails.

Spam Guard

We have applied best spam guard on our server, so you wont be bother by spammers.

Great Support

When it comes to Support, we are the Best, Always here to help you with any related question.

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Why buy from NextHosts?
Here's what our customers say

Used the online chat service on a Sunday afternoon (when the rest of the world is asleep!) and got a very informative and personalised response to my enquiry. Would recommend highly for beginners like me who need a bit of hand-holding to get their site up and running. Well done NextHosts

Gillian Smith

I've just suffered a major email problem as a result of a computer at my end. This affected 5 of my client accounts. As usual NextHosts Webchat support with some Team Viewer assistance managed to resolve my issue within a few minutes.


My mac mail stopped working all of sudden and was unable to send/receive emails, i quickly contacted NextHosts chat support, explained my issue and was quickly sent correct settings for my mac mail.....guy was very helpful to solve my issue...Fantastic Support

Dorothy Marlen

It might take a while to fix but they've never let me down. Patient and very knowledgeable.