14Jul 2016




Why You Should Be Advertising On Facebook

Marketing, Social Media by Sam Ford

With more than 1.4 billion active users and more than 900 million hits a day, we don’t need to tell you that Facebook is pretty massive. Put another way, there’s the potential for businesses that advertise on Facebook to reach the equivalent of the population of China.

Being the second most visited website in the world behind Google is obviously the most obvious case for investing in Facebook advertising, however the fact that it offers targeted advertising would probably come a pretty close second. Numbers are one thing, but being able to influence whom actually sees your ad based on age, personal interests and location is the control to that power.

With the option of creating longer ad descriptions and image-based ads, Facebook arguably offers businesses more flexibility than a Google AdWords campaign. In addition to this, you can decide whether you’d like to operate on a cost per click or cost per impression structure, meaning that you can more closely stick to budgets and more accurately determine ROI.

Bear in mind also that Facebook users tend to visit the site several times a day, giving you the immediate advantage of multiple views on your adverts and therefore increasing the likelihood that somebody will click on them.

And lastly, advertising on Facebook can be inexpensive. For as little as £1 a day you can promote either your site or your fan page, to bring in more followers or attract customers to your website. Handily, Facebook will even give you an indication of how many impressions, likes or clicks you can expect from your investment.

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