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Using Google Trends to Boost Your Site’s Content

Content by Sam Ford

When thinking about the process of creating insightful and engaging content for your website, it can be quite easy to feel as if you’re fumbling around in the dark. Wouldn’t it be really useful if you could truly understand your target audience’s behaviour and interests? Well you’re in luck, as Google Trends lets you do just that.

According to Google, the tool “gives you a glimpse into the topics the world is searching for”. What’s more, it allows you to enter any search query or topic and assess the interest in that topic over different time periods, for example a month or a year. It quickly becomes obvious what topics are hot at which particular times of year.

This allows you firstly to streamline your keyword research process. This drives all of the content that you’ll create for your site. Comparing closely related terms, for example ‘local plumbing services’, ‘local plumber’ and ‘find a plumber’ will allow you to ascertain which fits best for your site based on interest. It may be that at certain times of the year the terminology changes, so you’ll know when to adjust your site’s wording to match user intent.

You can then extend this into content idea discovery, as you play around with the tool and find associated areas of interest related to your business you may not have considered before. By inputting a topic and then scrolling down to ‘related topics’, you’ll find a bunch of new things to talk about that people are interested in.

The seasonal trend aspect to Google Trends will also enable you to create a content calendar, by ascertaining when topics peak from a search volume perspective. It may be that people are only searching for particular things in the summer, so this is when you should be creating that particular content.

Finally, you can use Google Trends for brand monitoring. Most topic graphs will include news events related to that topic or brand. You can ascertain as to whether these were positive or negative and then decide as to whether or not you want to associate your site with that type of content.

Happy trending!

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