14Mar 2016




Off To Uni? Making a Student Blog Work For You

Blogroll, Learning by Sam Ford

It’s that time of year when countless thousands of students pack up their things and head off to University. It’s a time for optimism and change; it may also be a time to start writing about the things you care about and publishing those thoughts on a blog.

The good news is that for roughly the price of a pint of beer per month, you can have your very own website through NextHosts. What you include on the site is entirely up to you and with one-click installation you can get your hands on the popular WordPress blog platform, making it easy to write down and share your thoughts. More than being just a hobby, if you do it right you can actually make a bit of extra income through blogging, a very important thing to be able to do as a student!

First of all be sure to not miss out on lectures. Your degree is the most important thing here, so get out there and learn and meet people and write about your experiences online. You could even get a few new friends to help you. Make a proper blogging schedule and stick to it, with allocated times for contributing to the website.

Tell all your friends about your site and also your lecturers; they may have blogs of their own and offer you part time writing work that pays, so long as you’re a good writer! You can then start to network with other bloggers on your course and on campus and perhaps even get blogger drop-in sessions set up, to share ideas and plot world domination!

Finally, keep reading and researching other people’s work. It can be easy to get wrapped up in your own blogging bubble but it’s important to learn from others in the field. Keep at it and build a little community around you and who knows where it’ll take you. Good luck!

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