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Essential Yet Simple Website Health Checks

Essential Yet Simple Website Health Checks

From an organic search perspective, you always want to ensure that you’re doing all you can to remain visible to both search engines and searchers. Whilst SEO can be a long and costly process, there are plenty of simple (and usually free) health checks you can be carrying out yourself to ensure that you’ve got the basics covered. It is these basics that will go a long way to determining your site’s overall performance in search engines such as Google, so before splashing the cash, think about the following.

The number of indexed pages

In Google, enter “site:yourdomain.co.uk” and see how many results you get. This will inform you as to whether or not Google is indexing all of your important pages.

Check the number of organic landing pages in Google Analytics

In GA, navigate to ‘Behaviour’ and then ‘Top landing pages’. You’ll be able to see how many of your site’s pages get hits. If key pages aren’t showing up then there may be a problem with that particular page, warranting further investigation.

Search for your brand name

If you search for your brand name, does it come up at the top of search results? It should do; if it doesn’t then there may be an issue that requires further investigation.

Conduct a mobile search for your site

When searching for your site on a mobile, do the search listings include ‘mobile friendly’ under them? If not, you’ll need to ascertain what it is that is making your site non mobile-friendly, as this could seriously impact your rankings and visits.

Page titles

Are they optimised for your target keywords? Are they under 60 characters? Do they include your brand name at the end? These are the questions to be asking yourself, especially for key pages.

Broken pages

Using Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools), can you see lots of ‘crawl errors’? If so, you’ll want to work out what is causing these pages to appear broken and resolve them, with a redirect to working pages.

Page load speed

Are your key pages loading slowly? This could be having an impact on your bounce rate and rankings. Google’s page speed insights tool will assess your pages and tell you ways that you can improve their loading speed.

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